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CityEngine SketchUp Extension


This blog post highlights two new resources for creating 3D city models that were developed by the Education and Research group at Esri Canada. One is an extension that allows for the use of CityEngine’s procedural modelling technology in SketchUp and the other is a resource site that includes useful 3D models, textures, and rule packages.

CityEngine SketchUp Extension

The first new resource is an extension for SketchUp that allows users to create models in SketchUp using ArcGIS CityEngine’s procedural modelling technology. The extension was built with the CityEngine SDK and uses CityEngine rule packages to create different types of 3D models within SketchUp, such as textured buildings or urban infrastructure. It can be downloaded here:

The extension generates a 3D model from a shape drawn in SketchUp. Some rule packages require a 2D start shape, such as a rule that extrudes and textures a building footprint. Other rule packages may need a 3D form as the initial shape, such as a rule that adds balconies and awnings to a building massing.

Once the start shape is drawn, CityEngine’s procedural rules are applied to the shape. You can choose the attributes of the rule package, such as the textures to use when modelling the building, in the extension’s user interface before you generate the model. You can use existing CityEngine rule packages, or ones that you’ve created yourself in CityEngine in the SketchUp Extension.

这篇博文重点介绍了由加拿大 Esri 教育和研究小组开发的用于创建 3D 城市模型的两个新资源。一个是允许在 SketchUp 中使用 CityEngine 的程序建模技术的扩展,另一个是包含有用的 3D 模型、纹理和规则包的资源站点。

CityEngine SketchUp 扩展


第一个新资源是SketchUp的扩展,它允许用户使用ArcGIS CityEngine的程序建模技术在 SketchUp 中创建模型。该扩展使用CityEngine SDK构建,并使用 CityEngine 规则包在 SketchUp 中创建不同类型的 3D 模型,例如纹理建筑或城市基础设施。可以在这里下载:

该扩展从 SketchUp 中绘制的形状生成 3D 模型。某些规则包需要 2D 起始形状,例如拉伸和纹理建筑物占地面积的规则。其他规则包可能需要 3D 形式作为初始形状,例如将阳台和遮阳篷添加到建筑体量的规则。

绘制开始形状后,CityEngine 的程序规则将应用于该形状。在生成模型之前,您可以在扩展程序的用户界面中选择规则包的属性,例如在建模建筑物时使用的纹理。您可以使用现有的 CityEngine 规则包,或者您在 SketchUp Extension 中的 CityEngine 中自己创建的规则包。